Company Profile


Michael Hill is a market leading, premium jewellery brand, operating a network of 280 stores across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with multiple international digital platforms.

The first Michael Hill store opened in 1979 when Sir Michael Hill and his wife, Lady Christine Hill launched their unique retail jewellery formula in Whangarei, on the North Island of New Zealand.  

With engaging store designs, a product range devoted exclusively to accessible jewellery and the clever use of high impact advertising, Michael Hill rapidly gained popularity and rose to national prominence.

In 2016, Michael Hill moved its primary stock exchange listing to the Australian Securities Exchange and maintains a secondary listing on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (ASX/NZX: MHJ).

Over the last three years, the business has been on a transformative journey reshaping many aspects of the business, underpinned by a clearly defined strategic agenda to elevate the brand and drive growth. The strategic framework is customer-led and continually evolving as we adapt to the ever-changing landscape of retail – with a focus on elevating our Brand, growing our Loyalty membership, enhancing and innovating our Digital & Omni-channel capabilities, refining our Retail Fundamentals, continual Product Evolution, exploring New Territories & Services, maintaining a Cost Conscious Culture and with a focus on Sustainability.

Around the world, the Group employs over 2,500 employees across retail sales, manufacturing and corporate roles. As of 26 June 2022, the Group operates 147 stores in Australia, 48 in New Zealand and 85 stores in Canada.

From 1979 to the present day, and as we look to the future, Michael Hill is dedicated to creating quality jewellery for our customers to celebrate the key moments in their lives.

At Michael Hill, we are committed to becoming a more sustainable and ethically responsible business, protecting our eco-system and contributing to the communities we serve in meaningful ways, for generations to come.



Michael Hill opened its doors for trading for the first time in Whangarei, New Zealand. Sir Michael's aim was to make jewellery buying less intimidating and more accessible to buyers. This was achieved by designing stores with larger, more inviting entrances and a modern feel of the Hong Kong gold markets.

The company listed on the New Zealand Stock exchange as well as expanding into Australia, opening 4 stores in Brisbane, Queensland.

In 2002, Michael Hill expanded into Canada, opening its first stores in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Group moved its Support Centre to Brisbane, Australia, where all manufacturing and administration continues to be performed.

In 2008 the Company's success was recognised, with Sir Michael Hill winning Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In September 2008, the Company also entered the United States market, opening its first store in Chicago.

The Company further expanded and launched a new collection called “Infinitas”.

Michael Hill continued to expand its differentiated proprietary collections to span watches, diamond jewellery, charms, and engagement rings. Also this year, the Company invested in a new e-commerce platform as a focal point for digital marketing efforts in all four markets.

The Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection is launched in North America. The collection is built around Sir Michael’s love of music and each engagement ring features a natural pink sapphire in the band.

The Company launched a new interchangeable jewellery brand – Emma & Roe – after a successful trial during the preceding 18 months under the trading name “Captured Moments”.

Sir Michael Hill is on hand to open the first Michael Hill New York City store at Queens Center. A second New York store is now open in Roosevelt Field.

The 300th Company store opens at Vulcan Lane – one of Auckland’s most iconic laneways. Take a virtual tour of the store here.

Sprits Bay launches in New Zealand – a collection designed by Christine Hill from the ring like form of Totoere shells, worn down by the elements.

The Company moved its primary listing to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) with a secondary listing on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (ASX/NXZ Code: MHJ).